Launching into adulthood often involves figuring out who you
would like to be as an individual.

It is a time when emerging adults are expected to be more independent and sometimes they have difficulty adjusting. Pressures from family, friends, or even themselves can be overwhelming. For some, this is when more serious mental health issues can surface. With extensive experience working on a college campus, I bring special insight into my young adult counseling. I am adept at meeting emerging adults where they are at, assessing for red flags, and helping them navigate life as they come into their own.

Typical young adult issues may include:

  • Relationship Problems (Breakups, “Is this the one?,” etc.)
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Reconciling Individuality with Family Dynamics
  • Discovering Values and Goals
  • Managing Emotions
  • Coming to Terms with Past
  • Developing Self-Confidence/Self-Compassion
  • College and Graduate School Stressors (I